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Instant answers to our most
frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

From A to Z, from policies to phone numbers; our team put together this helpful list of topics to route you quickly to the right resource.

Is Movement Insurance my insurance company?

Movement Insurance is your agency. We are an independent agency, so we work with several different insurance carriers. We work for you to make sure you get the best coverage and rates. You can call us at anytime to help with any of your policy needs. Your insurance carrier is listed on your actual policy.

I am closing on a new home, how do I pay for my insurance?

Just give us your mortgage info and closing date, we will bill the insurance to be collected at closing.

How do you determine the amount of insurance to put on my house, the replacement value?

We use several factors like square footage, number of bathrooms, location of home, materials used, etc. We then enter this data into a "replacement cost estimator", this gives us an up-to-date range of what it would cost to rebuild your entire home. Land value is not a factor in this number, as we are just calculating the replacement cost of the structure.

My appraised value is different than the coverage amount on my insurance policy, why?

We use special software and details of your property to calculate the replacement value of your home. Insurance replacement cost is often different than the appraised amount.

Does my mortgage control my insurance?

No. You are in control of your insurance policy. You chose the carrier, coverage, and prices that fits your needs.

What is Escrow and how do I pay my insurance?

If you escrow your home insurance, you will pay estimated monthly payments towards your annual home insurance premium. This is lumped in with your house payment. Each year, when your homeowner’s policy renewal is sent out, your mortgage company will pay the annual premium with the money you have been paying into this account. If you do not escrow your home insurance, you can call us to pay your bill.

How do I pay my auto insurance?

You can call Movement Insurance, or you can call the number listed on your bill to pay via check EFT or card. You may also mail payment if that is an option.

Will my insurance cost increase if I have a claim?

Potentially, in many cases it depends on the type of claim you file. Many insurance companies increase rates or may even cancel coverage by your claims history. Call us to discuss specific details.

What type of insurance companies do you work with?

We work with several highly rated insurance carriers. We make sure that we have a good working relationship with the carriers in which we place business.

What happens if I am having a bad experience with a claim or customer service?

That’s why we are here! As your broker, we can work on your behalf to make sure claims and service issues are handled to your satisfaction.

Will my rate increase?

In Many areas, insurance rates fluctuate over the years. If your rate increases, we can always shop your coverage to see if we can find a carrier that will offer you a better deal.

What types of insurance do you write?

Home, Auto, rental homes, condo, renters, umbrella, motorcycle, boat, ATV, business, personal articles, jewelry, and more.

Am I required to bundle?

Not necessarily, but we can usually get you a better rate and sometimes better coverage if we manage all of your insurance needs.

How much does it cost to get a quote?

It's free!

How do I get a quote?

Visit our homepage and start the process or give us a call, whichever works better for you.

Is flood insurance included?

No, but we can easily get this quoted for you.

Am I in a flood zone?

Everyone is in a flood zone, but certain zones are considered lower risk, so mortgage companies do not require you to have a flood policy. We believe that everyone should consider purchasing this important coverage.

If I am in a lower risk flood zone, can I get coverage?

Yes, you can typically qualify for a preferred risk policy.

Is there a fee for using your agency?

We do not charge separate fees. Our commission is included in your total policy premium.

Will you be running my credit?

Many insurance companies use credit and insurance score as a rating factor. This is typically a soft inquiry on your credit and does not interfere with the mortgage process.

Why is the insurance carrier asking me to make repairs to my home after the policy was written?

Many insurance companies conduct exterior inspections. This is simply to make sure there aren’t any liability or future claims exposures on the property. If you are asked to repair something, it is typically to protect you from having a claim in the near future.

How long will it take for me to get a proof of insurance for my mortgage company?

Minutes! As soon as we have all the information we need from you and receive the signed application, we can have the proof of insurance over within minutes. Sometimes seconds.

How do I make changes to my policies?

Call us or email us.

How do I file a claim?

You can visit our claims page and call the insurance company direct (usually the fastest approach). You can also call us, we can help you or answer any questions you have.